Shaktiman was born in Dharamsala, India in December 1998.  Shaktiman is the name of an Indian TV Super Hero - an ordinary man who at moments of crisis becomes a super hero. The crisis in Tibet gave birth to Shaktiman - the children here spontaneously named this ineffectual clown, Shaktiman because he was trying to do something for the Tibetan people and give them hope that the outside world would take notice of 
Tibet's plight. 


Shaktiman has become the umbrella image for a group of people who are attempting to stir the outside world to help Tibet before it's too late.  We can all be shaktimen (and women) if we act now.  The three most important Shaktimen for Tibet are Paul, George, & Ringo - they are the key players in the world who could focus attention on this tragedy and save Tibetan culture from destruction. All the world loves them because they are shakti.  There's a little bit of Shaktiman in us all,
we just need to bring it out.