We are a strange bunch that have got together for a Free Tibet.  The world needs a Free Tibet.  If the Chinese destruction of the Tibetan environment continues, Tibet's rivers, the source of India's rivers, dies.  If they die, India dies.  Billions of people in Chaos.  Stop the destruction. Stop the torture. Free Tibet. We thought of putting on a show one night. Five days later, we performed a two and a half hour variety show at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama's private temple to an audience of eight hundred monks, Tibetan refugees, local Indians and whatever tourists were 'around'.


We billed the show as an advertising campaign to request the surviving Beatles to play the temple on March 10th, 1999. Tibetan Uprising Day. Why the Beatles? First off, all of us share a love of their music and the message of hope that they gave us all those years ago. The problem with a Free Tibet campaign is that the world isn't listening. If the Beatles gave a concert at the Dalai Lama's Palace on March 10th, the world would sit up and listen and Tibetís tragedy could be reversed. If everyone in the world cared enough to demand that their leaders recognized the Dalai lama and his people's plight.  Tibet would be free in a year.


We do not wish to shame the Chinese people, but to request their government to act in the interests of humanity and free Tibet.  It's a great challenge to Paul, George, and Ringo, but they are the only ones who can do it.  As George Harrison wrote in "While my guitar gently weeps': Iím sitting here doing nothing but agingĒ - Theyíve got the time to they might as well save the world. Easy, Just play March 10th, weíve got the satellite hooked up, no problem. Performing at our show on 27th Dec 1998 were Tibetan, Indian, American, Canadian, Australian, English, Irish, French, Belgium, Japanese, Nepalese, German, Italian, and many other nationalities who were all united for a Free Tibet and for the Beatles to act as the catalyst.

These performers had many amazing stories between them. A Kali priestess performing ancestor rites after her fatherís funeral, tales of synchronicity, chance and magic. One of the Tibetan performers  (for reasons of his safety, we shall not name him) arrived directly from Tibet.  Five days later he sang Tibetan freedom songs at the most sacred temple of the Tibetan exile community. The next day he met His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, on the exact spot he had played the day before. That night he returned to Tibet. That man, nineteen years old tat he is, will bring a message of great hope back with him to Tibet - Freedom is possible if enough people believe in it. Politics and intellectual argument get us nowhere. Song, laughter, care love, and awakening awareness will win the day. Please care enough to do something.  Letís free Tibet and do something useful with our lives. Happy New Year.