Dear Beatles,

    We all love you and all that you stand for, even those of us who were born long after you stopped playing together.  Now we really need you.  The Tibetan situation is very drastic.  Unless something is done soon it will be too late.  The world isn't listening.  His Holiness The Dalia Lama has set up concerts from Dharamsala every March 10th, but many Western performers haven't bothered to turn up.  The intention of these concerts is to bring world attention to Tibet, so far this hasn't happened.  The site of the conerts is His Holiness's private temple capacity 1,500. The whole hill is surrounded by Indian Army bases, all access by road can be block and on March 10th there will be a satellite link already set up. 

   We got together on December 27, 1998 for a concert at His Holinesses's private kalachakra Temple entitled "The Beatles Welcome Home Freedom".  It was a great success and all proceeds went to the Tibetan Refuge Center in Dharamsala.  The reason we did this was to start an advertising campaign for peace and as an invitation to the three surviving  Beatles to get together and do a gig here to alert the world to the Tibetan situation.  If you play at the Dalai Lama's Private Temple here on March 10th 1999, it would be the biggest lift to the Tibetan spirits since they were forced into exile by the Chinese invasion in 1950.  You are the only people in the world with sufficient stature to make a real difference to the Tibetan cause.  The Tibetan exile community from His Holiness, The Dalai Lama's private office to the most recently arrived refugee, are all behind our request to you.  Please hear our call,

All you need is love,