Discussion with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama 
Conducted by Lung-ta in BodGaya, India
December, 1999
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Your Holiness, you have been traveling around the world to talk with people.  Are there any special reasons that you are more active nowadays?
Some people predict that ethnic wars and religious conflicts will occur more and more in the world in the twenty-first century.  I would like to ask Your Holiness's opinion about this.
Every religion basically seek peace.  However, many conflicts have occurred and many people have been killed in religious wars in the past.  I would like to ask Your Holiness?s opinion why these kinds of things have occurred. Someone said that these conflicts were caused by lack of food and natural resources or by the inequality of wealth among people. What does Your Holiness think about it? Or does this indicate the failure of religion? What is Your Holiness 's idea for stopping such conflicts?  What is the biggest obstacle to overcome them?
Japanese religious leaders talk about peace but do nothing to promote it.  They should change their way of motivating people in my opinion. What is Your Holiness's opinion about it? 
There are still many believers of Aum Shinri-kyo in Japan, and they have some conflict with people in each place. Why are young people attracted to such false and dangerous religions like Aum? Is there a need for the traditional big religions such as Buddhism to take more responsibility?
Your Holiness has visited Japan a few times, and knows well about Japanese society.  We would really appreciate if Your Holiness can give some advice and suggestions to the Japanese people as to how they should contribute to the peace of the world in the twenty-first century.