50th Anniversary of HHDL assuming State leadership for Tibet
On December 24th, 2000,  thousands of well wishers gathered at the Main Temple in Dharamsala, India to celebrate the 50th anniversary of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama's assumption of state responsibility for Tibet.  Ceremonies included a visit by Lamo Tsangpa Oracle. After the ceremony HHDL held a press conference during which he announced new contacts with the Chinese Government. We will be uploading more descriptions of the the anniversary events soon.  In the meantime, many photos are below.
The Ceremony at 
the Main Temple
Lamo Tsangpa Oracle
Press Conference
Photos by Chamb Meehan

To read more about the event, you can read reports from AFP and  BBC, Stay tuned to WBTibet for audio and video of the event.